In my district and across our state, gentrification, segregation, and red-lining have stolen wealth from our communities of color. These communities face unfair policing practices, outrageous rent and homeowner schemes, worse health outcomes, school closures, crumbling infrastructure, and more. The strategic disinvestment and disenfranchisement in Michigan’s communities of color is a disgusting reality that is perpetuated time and again by the pervasive ideology of white supremacy in our state legislature and other branches of government. During this pandemic, the racial disparities in our state have caused disproportionate deaths in the black community. It's a life-or-death issue.

If elected, I will introduce laws to ban segregation and red-lining (and loopholes that allow segregation and redlining.) We need to support and invest in our struggling communities, not try to gentrify them out of existence, or over-police them to create an atmosphere of harassment.